Security tips to protect your data on the cloud

Posted on September 5th, 2014

Last week, pictures of naked stars have been leaked around the web. From what it appeared, this is likely due to a hacker who managed to infiltrate their iCloud account. We asked to a security expert who is in charge of technology in a big firm, to list the best practices to prevent this kind of problem with some security tips to protect your data on the cloud.

For this expert, the main problem lies in the way the public views the Cloud, by storing everything and anything. “In some cases, the cloud offers great advantages: a student can easily store its notes and access them via any medium, however, it would store more personal data on physical media, on a good one. old hard drive for example. they have at least the advantage of providing a single gateway where the cloud offers several. Data stored on an external hard drive will be less easily hacked.”

It also worth repeating that the passwords is the best protection for your data. While for some it’s obvious, for others it is not. Especially when we see that the most used password in the world in 2013 was “123456”. But our expert goes further and recommends using a dedicated password for your cloud account. “Use different passwords for each site ensures that, if a hacker unearths one of your passwords, he has access to all your information.”

Finally, few person know it but it is now necessary to download an antivirus on your smartphone or on your tablet. You can find comparative reviews about antivirus for smartphone and tablet on AntivirusHelp. “Even if an antivirus will not protect you against 100% of attacks, it will be harder for hackers who try to hack you.”

Indeed, if the story of hacking celebrity photos probably entertained some of you, know that it could happen to anyone.

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