Ad-Aware 11 antivirus: learn more about it

Posted on September 8th, 2015

Ad-Aware 11 antivirus from Lavasoft is an antivirus which also protects against spyware and offers several tools to navigate safely.

In the list of security tools in the version 11 include: protection for downloads, detect online scams, a two-way firewall, an analysis of external hard drives, analyzing emails in real-time and more.

Furthermore, it is known not to affect the speed of the computer on which it is installed.

With Ad-Aware, you benefit from a full protection through a suite of software and not one that only detects viruses.

And with security toolbar for Web browser, you can enjoy several useful options to use the Internet safely. Depending on the version for which you opt, there are different types of protection offered.

The basic version (Personal Security) offers antivirus, protection against spyware, secure browsing, a game mode, downloads protection, secure online shopping, the analysis of external hard drives and detection of online scams.

The Security Pro version offers the same tools plus a two-way firewall, protection against phishing emails and analysis in real time.

Finally, with the Total Security version, parental control is added, the ability to encrypt sensitive data and permanently deleting files.

As a bonus with some versions: unlimited access to PasswordBox a service to store your passwords and be able to access it with any computer.

A suite of efficient and intrusive protection that deserves to be known! Click here to learn more about Ad-Aware 11 antivirus.

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