Security: three reasons to renew its antivirus

Posted on August 25th, 2014

Your antivirus protection on your computer is about to expire and you hesitate to renew your license? It is true that this is still a significant cost. But have you thought about what it would cost to buy a new computer or repair your old machine after an infection? To help you make the right choice, here are three reasons to renew its antivirus and why it is essential to protect your computer with a good updated security solution.

1. Always more cyber threats

If at the beginning of Internet viruses were few and easily detectable, today their number and virulence are increasing day by day. By renewing your antivirus, it allows you to offer your PC, Mac and other Android device protection supports new threats. In addition to fighting against viruses, spam and malware, your antivirus protects your computer against junk standing on USB sticks and external hard drives, just waiting for being connected to one of the USB ports.

2. New version, new features

If each year, publishers of security solutions release a new version of their product that is not only to fill their bank account. Indeed, why bother to create a new product when it would be possible to sell the same? Well, simply because as all the field of computer security evolves with the times. The new antivirus must be able to detect new threats and especially to protect consumers in their new habits whether online or offline. Proof is with mobile devices, which over time have become effective pathways for cyber-criminals who are having their heart to impersonate or steal confidential user data when banking or shopping online. Also, if previously antivirus detected and suppressed the virus once infected your computer, today they detect threats before they even reach your machine, or you clicked on a link. That is why it is important to renew your antivirus or switch to a newer version.

3. Well protection of your computer to keep it healthy

Finally, if you do not want to change computer like a shirt you are better to care for it. Infection leads to a slowdown of your machine and especially infringes on his life. When you get sick, you go to the doctor that gives you a treatment to fight against the bacteria or virus that has infected you? Well there it is exactly the same, except that the doctor of your computer is you! With computers and new technology it is better to be preventive to avoid catastrophe. So you can from one year to another, if you wish, keep your antivirus, or change security solution. However, it is not advisable to leave your PC exposed, unprotected.

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