Norton Security: Symantec is cleaning his suite Norton antivirus

Posted on August 25th, 2014

Symantec announced a few months ago the “death of the virus,” which he said was not responding effectively to the dangers faced by users. But ultimately not so new – from the company that publishes and develops the range of Norton antivirus solution obviously a provocative statement.

But if the antivirus is dying, while Norton will not escape either and Symantec seems determined to reinvigorate its antivirus suite. Indeed, instead of a traditional update in September, the range of software sold by Symantec will benefit from a redesign of magnitude.

The model is Netflix

Now, it has nine different programs with a specific purposes: besides Norton Antivirus, Symantec offers other products such as Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security. But as of September 23, they will be grouped under a single label: Norton Security.

In an Interview, Garry Egan, product manager at Norton said that the major inspiration of Norton Security is simply Netflix. The company intends to offer its customers a seamless service and simplify the migration of security solutions from one machine to another. This new version is primarily targeted for individuals and small businesses, and it does not affect enterprise solutions provided by Symantec.

Norton Security will be offered with an annual fee of about $80 to be used on five different computers. The user must identify themselves online in order to activate the service on its devices Norton, the firm sees as the Security as a Service.

Norton Security will combine essential features offered by Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security software and security features of the browsing the web. The premium version will also be available at around $ 100, with features like backup of user data on the cloud and will support more type of devices.

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