Bitdefender 2015: protect your computer with one click

Posted on August 26th, 2014

Bitdefender 2015

The publisher of Bitdefender antivirus presents its range of security solutions in 2015 and introduced the Bitdefender Security OneClick™ concept based on a set of proven technologies and new features to offer users the best protection without compromising the performance, without interruption and without configuration … all in a single click. Voted “Best Protection” by independent analysts for three consecutive years, Bitdefender enhances both its efficiency and ease of use, once installed and whatever the user activity (work, play, video).

Profiles Bitdefender with one click

The new Bitdefender 2015 technology use patterns that detects if the user works, plays or watchs a movie, to refine the parameters of Bitdefender but also the system and other running applications, so it provides the necessary resources to each activity.

Bitdefender Work, Game or Film Profiles are either activated by the user in one click from the main interface, or automatically controlled by the Autopilot mode that takes the best security decisions on behalf of the user.

Optimize your computer with one click

Bitdefender 2015 offers to all its users a complete PC optimization module, essential for improving system responsiveness and effectively manage the space on the hard drive:

Optimization 1-click removes unnecessary files, unused system files, temporary Internet files, cookies, duplicates, etc. and cleans the registry by running various cleaning tasks automatically. The user thus increasing the speed of the system and frees up disk space, all in one click.

The optimization reduces the startup time of system start managing running applications when the PC starts; With this optimization module and the Bitdefender Photon™ innovative technology that improves the responsiveness of the PC, Bitdefender 2015 makes optimum use of his computer.

Secure one click purchases

Bitdefender Wallet™ is now fully integrated to secure Bitdefender Safepay™ browser to provide the best possible protection for all activities online. The Wallet now offers auto-fill forms and payment data, multi-user support and management directly from the browser to have all important data at your fingertips.

Bitdefender Safepay™ provides an interface optimized for touch screens and introduces pop-ups. Available on the entire range, this independent Web browser incorporates a virtual keyboard to protect against keyloggers and dedicated protection to surfing via public WiFi hotspots through a secure VPN connection.

Important safety tasks performed in one click

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015, Internet Security 2015 and Total Security 2015 Multi-Device offer users a new, more intuitive and fully optimized for touch screen interface. The interface is now organized into three panels for accessing the main modules Protection – Privacy – Tools Bitdefender and offers 4 action buttons as shortcuts to perform 1-Click important tasks related to security: Quick Scan, update, Bitdefender Safepay™, optimize your computer.

And more improved features than ever

Vulnerability analysis automatically searches in the Cloud, the latest versions of the system and applications installed on the computer. It also provides a detailed vulnerability and risk for each application version, while providing a link to download the latest versions available.

Bitdefender Parental Control (compatible PC / Windows tablets and smartphones / tablets Android) is now 100% on the Cloud to reduce the intake of local resources and stay updated continuously. Protecting children on Facebook is strengthened through the monitoring of multiple data about their online activities (comments, publications, photos and downloaded videos, etc.) so parents can be notified if they is a threat to privacy of their accounts and their identity.

The new safety report keeps informed of the latest developments on its system user, including optimized for applications, space released and available storage and tips to enhance system security.

Learn more about the  new Bitdefender 2015.

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