Kaspersky Lab accelerates the fight against ransomware with Kaspersky Security for Windows Server

Posted on April 11th, 2016

Kaspersky Lab unveils a new smart technology to help companies to have a better protection against ransomware and cryptowares.

The new technology named “Anti-Cryptor” is a major component of the new version of Kaspersky Security for Windows Server application, part of the range of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business solutions, and also in securing file servers and storage. Companies can protect their electronic assets from cryptowares, including the famous malware Locky.

For the past year, Kaspersky Lab and the National Cyber ​​Dutch Police Unit (Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit) are working together to launch a decryption service for victims of ransomware. The company today confirmed its commitment by launching a preventive intelligent technology to prevent infected machines to remotely access corporate assets from the corporate network.

The cryptomalwares, for example, can infiltrate and encrypt an entire network in minutes, including backups. It may become impossible to recover critical data and companies often find themselves having to pay the cyber criminals to get their information back. Unfortunately, even receiving the ransom, some criminals do not always respect their commitments and do not decrypt the data of their victims.

Against advanced and unknown threats, Kaspersky Security for Windows Server includes the “Startup Control” application. This functionality provides customers an improved security, using the configured rules allowing or blocking the launch of executable files, scripts and installation packages.

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