Top 5 best password managers

Added on August 11th, 2014

Whether for forums, email or some private documents on a computer, you always need a password to access it. Most people will only use one at the risk of basing the security of their digital life on a simple series of numbers and letters. The alternative, more effective obviously is to diversify passwords. More safe but really impractical. Except when there is a proper password manager who is responsible to remember passwords for you. To make the right choices of this type of software, here is a selection of the best password managers in our opinion.


Roboform is an easy to use tool. It does not require much time to learn it. Novices and experts alike can use this program to manage and protect their information. It integrates seamlessly into Internet Explorer and Firefox and receives continuous updates.

Roboform does not just remember the passwords. It encrypts for better security, generates random passwords if necessary and even fills long registration forms. Note that this software is a shareware. The complete version is available for 30 days, it limits certain functions thereafter, as the number of passwords used (at least 30). Add that there are USB version for use on any computer easily.

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Sticky Password

For forums, web mail or another site users that requires authentication, Sticky Password will be a relief. Just tell him once and he’ll identifiers fill in the fields at a future connection to a particular site.

It has a virtual keyboard to protect sensitive information against keyloggers. In addition, its anti-phishing capabilities to protect the user against himself by warning when visiting a clone site designed to steal information.

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His publisher brags that LastPass as “the last password you’ll remember”. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, he is dedicated to working with major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Completely free, it can remember an unlimited number of passwords. Built-in browser, it offers each new entry of a password to remember. It remains only to enter the master password and voila.

In addition, personal data and passwords are stored on the computer and on the LastPass servers, allowing them to recover on their mobile, via the suitable application. Besides passwords, LastPass can also store text data for better privacy.

A paid version at $ 1 per month is available. It adds functionality to LastPass mobile environments for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone or Symbian. A USB drive option is also usable and transforms a simple key factor to access a LastPass account.

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Extremely secure, KeePass uses advanced encryption for information algorithms. Besides passwords, it stores the URLs and IDs sites. So if you want to access a secure website, simply click on its name in the safe KeePass. The software will automatically use the connection information related to the site. Like many of its competitors, KeePass can also be transported on a USB drive for portable use. it is Windows, MacOS and Linux Compatible.

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Password Safe

He is one of the simplest manager. Really concise, it offers to save passwords in an encrypted database and that’s it. The principle is the same as its competitors. Just remember one password to access all others. Developed as open source Password Safe is completely free.

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