How to choose a password and how to remember?

Added on August 11th, 2014

Here are the mistakes to not commit: a unique password and easy to remember that serve all situations.

Want some examples?

  • the name of your daughter
  • date of birth
  • phone number
  • Password primary email
  • Worse: 123456 or “admin” or “password” …

Of course you will say: “I have no chance to remember a multitude of passwords!” …

But first, what is a good password? This is a password that does not mean anything at all and contains at least eight alphanumeric characters. If you lack imagination you can use an online service that will generate a password for you, here’s a good password generator. Under these conditions it is impossible to use his memory to remember, however good it may be. So what?

  • Use the “memory” of the browser. Firefox can remember usernames and passwords for you and it’s a good practice … but risky! Loss or theft of the computer, hard drive destruction and of course hacking (I’ll spare you everything!). Use this technique only to passwords that do not give access to sensitive data and too personal information.
  • Write down your password in a notebook. Do not lose it or put the notebook in your bag/purse when you travel, leave it at home or in a secure place. This technique is not without risk and certainly not very convenient. I suggest you keep your record in a safe place, away from prying eyes.
  • Use a master password in Firefox: it is a variant of the first point. Passwords are stored in the browser but access is protected by a master password.
  • Use a “digital safe”. The technique is to store usernames and passwords in one single file protected by a passphrase. This is the only item that you will remember! This is what we are going to develop.
  • As the digital safe (above), you can use the same principle but online. The service is named Passpack, you can store all your passwords online on a secure server.

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