Three antivirus to protect your Mac

Posted on April 18th, 2014

If Macs are known to be much less attacked by virus, it is not a reason to go totally unprotected. Here are three antivirus to protect your Mac. We selected three powerful software to help you fight against malwares and virus.

Free and efficient: Avast! Free Antivirus is one of the safest solutions for your Mac. The software is free and blocks most attacks that could damage your Mac. A key point is that doesn’t slow much your computer when it performs a scan or repair a problem. Avast! for Mac is available for all the latest versions of Mac OS X, even Mavericks. Scanning of emails is particularly effective and almost transparent to the user. Click here for more info about Avast! for Mac.

No antivirus softwares are infallible, but at most it can minimize the risks of getting infected. Mac Internet Security X8 takes the lead in most tests for detecting virus and malwares. Installation is simple and updates are performed automatically. For one year protection on a computer you can count $39.99. Click here for more info about Mac Internet Security X8.

F-Secure for Mac is a paid antivirus which is really good for its lightness and speed of execution. Your Mac will not suffer from any slowdown during updates or scans. The vast majority of malwares are detected and blocked. One year protection is $39.99 for one mac and $59.99 for three Mac. Click here for more info about F-Secure Antivirus for Mac.

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