Net Nanny is the best parental control software available

Posted on August 19th, 2014

Net Nanny is a software that filters Internet content accessed by users. Clearly, this means that parents can go anywhere on the web (even on adult websites) and that children do not have access to certain types of content.

To begin, Net Nanny asks use who we are. According to the username and password, the software can takes action.

Young people trying to navigate to banned sites by their parents can not go. A window opens indicating that the content of the site is not allowed. This is used to control the person who want to visit adult sites while it is prohibited in the home, but also to protect kids against popup windows that lead to adult sites.

As parents, you can decide what to allow or forbid for every topic: pornography, drugs, alcohol, “cat”… The list goes on! You can also choose to block a site or simply to tell your child that he is about to see is a “adult website”.

The software also allows parents to see a list of the different websites visited for evert users.

You work until 5 and do not know what to do to control the use of the web between the end of school and your arrival at home? You will love the function of the calendar. Determine day by day, for the week, what time to what time (depending on each profile) when the Internet works. It is also possible to set a limit of hours per day.

Speaking of Web monitoring, the software also records the discussions on chat software, instant messaging and newsgroups.

The software Net Nanny is available for free on the Web for a trial period of 14 days. You have nothing to lose.

Net Nanny is the best parental control software for parents and AND for children. The beauty of Net Nanny is that it allows all ‘types’ of parents should benefit from it. Since the functions are configurable, as the more or strict parents can use it as each family operates differently, has its own rules, limits…

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