HeartBleed: Symantec apply a patch to one of its antivirus product

Posted on April 17th, 2014

The security software Symantec announced they applied a security patch to their protection softwares against malware, affected by the security breach HeartBleed.

Since the discovery in early April of the security breach HeartBleed, which affects the open source OpenSSL encryption library, many publishers provide emergency patches to secure their services.

This crisis also affect security software providers, like Symantec: April 11, the U.S. company announced that some of their products were affected by the OpenSSL breach and alerted some customers on the necessary steps to protect themselves before a patch was created.

Symantec announced that a feature of its cloud service, a service used to protect businesses against various security threats, was affected by HeartBleed.

The OpenSSL encryption library protect data exchanged via HTTPS, this feature was turned off on April 9. Symantec announces that a patch is now applied on their cloud service which was the only service affected.

You can see a complete list of Symantec services affected by Heartbleed here [PDF]

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