How to test your antivirus with an EICAR test file

Added on August 25th, 2014

Who does not once asked if his computer was actually protected?

There is a simple and safe way to test your antivirus and the security on your computer: the EICAR Test. Just download a specific file, this file contains a recognized file / malicious application so you can verify if your Antivirus react immediately.

This test is simple but effective, needless to say that if nothing happens you should look for a new antivirus. We propose you to use the test file hosted on the website of Kaspersky, because at least we are sure that file is harmless, we have seen some files that are supposed to be only tests that turn out to be real virus.

Obviously if you have a Kaspersky antivirus you can take the test, the file was not created by the Kaspersky.

Learn more and download the EICAR file here.

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