I can’t activate Windows Defender on Windows 8

Added on September 5th, 2014

Hello there

I have a problem with Windows 8. I can not use the application Windows Defender. I get a message saying he was deactivated and it is impossible to activate so I analyzed my PC using Malwarebytes and it’s always the same, it’s strange that I can’t access my antivirus. My computer is new. I am sure there is a way or it was not installed the good way? I’m wondering what is the problem because I uninstalled McAfee antivirus because I had heard that it is not reliable then i installed Avira.

Thank you can help me.


Hi, it certainly will not work if there is another antivirus installed. Windows Defender is automatically disabled when there is another antivirus activated on your computer.

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This Antivirus tip is for Windows Defender.