Can my phone get a virus and How it works?

Added on August 19th, 2014

The short answer is YES!

Usually viruses are installed on smartphones when the user downloads a malicious file on his phone.

This file may be from an application that appears to be safe, but is malicious, an attachment in an email, a link in a text message sent by a stranger. Technically, you could even send a virus via Bluetooth, NFC or by connecting to an unsecured Internet.

Infections can take many forms: your phone calls people without your knowledge, personal data stored in the phone to send phishing emails, or some functions of the phone simply don’t work anymore.

For sure, to install or not an antivirus remains a personal choice, but certainly the devices with protection are less likely to be infected by a virus or a malicious file.

Another important knowledge point as the Android platform allows almost anyone to create and sell an application, the risk that malicious programs hiding in the Google Play Store are larger than the App Store of Apple, all apps are reviewed and approved by Apple before being offered to users. In some cases, hidden files in an application from the App Store Apple have also been found, so there is still a risk even if it does not appear to be an antivirus officially recognized by Apple on the app store.

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