What is the best password manager for enterprise?

Added on August 15th, 2014

Security became a really hot topic in the last. Edward Snowden revelations growth encryption software, to protect mails or managing passwords, the general public seems to be if not better informed, at least more equipped in security solutions than before.

In business, however, the slogan remains “business as usual”. On passwords side, promised imminent death for years, few has found inexpensive solutions, simple and quick to put in place to ensure safety. So in small and micro businesses, the password is often the first key to safety for employees.

Selection Criteria

Do not give up on the password… but make it more strong? Individuals use more password managers than ever, we talk about Dashlane, 1Password, KeePass or Lastpass on their everyday uses.

And for the organization? In this practical guide, we decided to retain only criteria that really interesting for small businesses trying to keep safe their passwords:

  • Centralized management with security features (remote wipe, for example)
  • Collaborative sharing of passwords and form management roles and user groups
  • Secure storage, either within the company or outside

Forget the “classic” features are generating random password, encryption AES-256 – bragged by some as encryption “Military level” – recording passwords or protection by a passphrase “master “. These are basic functions, and their absence will automatically disqualify a tool, even for a mainstream solution. Here is our selection.

Bring Out the Big Guns

As well start with the big guns: with Password Manager Pro, Secret Server or Roboform (enterprise version), you will not settle for store your Facebook password. You need heavy, you have to spend some resources (human and financial) and for you, security rhymes with flexibility.

The three programs in this category are the most complete. Complete centralized management, policy enforcement password (optional on Roboform), extensive collaboration and assigning roles and user groups … The differences vary in options.

Overall, these three software offers certainly onerous but dressed to do everything. An extension is available for everyone even through a programming API that allows you to connect enterprise services manager password (optional for Password Manager Pro). As for versatility, it is integrated: the three software have extensions for browsers and mobile apps on Android and iOS.

The downside: Plan the installation. So an IT service or a service provider able to put you up a solution on your private server, if you hold the solution. The software available in hosted (in partnership with Zoho for Password Manager Pro) version, but it will require a second look: If you choose a heavy solution is that your data are probably critical.

As you can see, we have listed, in what we think, the 3 best password managers for business right now but we have not told you which one to choose. We believe that to find a perfect solution for your business you should check with them directly because in the end, they offer comparable solutions in quality but different for the price and subscription solutions and there is no better way to contact them and ask your question directly.

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