Witigo Parental Filter

If you are thinking about monitoring your children online activities then Witigo Parental Filter is the best solution for you because of its unique, effective and advanced features. This software is epically designed to ensure full parental control for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and iOS devices.


Witigo Parental Filter enables you to filter websites, links, etc. up to 27 categories according to your choice. This will prevent your kid to access a website that you do not want your kid to access. You also can use this filtering for other family members to ensure you full control over their internet use.


Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter are not suitable for kids. Such social networks can be dangerous for your kids. With Witigo Parental Filter you can easily hide such social sites from kids so that they cannot access such social sites. You can also control pornographic content and adult websites from the kids with this software.


Witigo Parental Filter enables parents to fix the schedule to use the internet for the kids. Parents can set up time duration, date and maximum internet use limits for the kids.

Remote Administration

Using the settings, parents can remotely control the kids’ PC or devices so that safe and secure internet browsing can be ensured for the kids.

Activity Log

Witigo Parental Filter sends kids internet browsing activity logs with real-time and date. So, parents can view what their kids are doing over the internet so that they can take necessary preventive measure for future use.


This software sends you alerts about the online activities of your kids. You will get email notifications about their online activities about searching, browsing, texting, file sharing, chatting, messaging, downloading documents or other contents, etc. In fact, this software sends you a real-time notification. Besides, you can monitor your kids’ PC or devices for further protection. Moreover, it provides customer supports.

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Pros and Cons of Witigo Parental Filter

  • Includes many useful features for parental control software
  • Compatibles with Windows, iPhone and Android devices
  • Includes email and phone help support
  • Price is higher than the average software of same category
  • Has a lower recording score than the average software of same category

Features and scores of Witigo Parental Filter

Application Blocking
File Transfer Blocking
Gaming Content Filtering
Instant Message/Chat Blocking
Online Search Filtering
Profanity Masking
Social Network Blocking
Website Filtering & Blocking
Chat Recording
Email Recording
Online Searches Recording
Remote Reporting
Screenshot Playback Recording
Social Networking Recording
Usernames & Passwords Recording
Websites Visited Recording
Windows Compatibility
Mac OS Compatibility
iPhone (iOS) Compatibility
Android Compatibility

Learn more about Witigo Parental Filter on website.

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