The World Wide Web has got every single information and anyone can get access to the internet anytime. There are different types of websites containing various types of videos, images, news, stories, etc. Technological development has increased the chances to search for different types of information for you children too. It also creates a chance to visit sexual or adult websites for your children which are harmful to them. Different services of the internet like chat rooms and instant messaging services made it easy for internet predators to have contact with children through the internet. It has a positive and negative impact on the children. So parents need to monitor their activities through controlling children’s online activities.

WebWatcher can make parents’ monitoring over children’s online activities easily. Features of the WebWatcher gives parents the idea about what their children are doing through the internet. Parents will able .to know everything such as when and what websites were visited, email interactions, message records, download history, social media activity log, website search history, etc. in real-time.

WebWatcher can be downloaded into any devices within five minutes. Parents can monitor PC activity remotely from anywhere in the world with internet connection. It will also send notifications about children online activity through email. It also takes continuous screenshots and sends to the parents. Moreover, you can view the entire website browsing history along with search history with accurate date, time, and duration.

Social media is very popular among the teenagers. So, using the WebWatcher parents will get Facebook, the Twitter message along with chat history. It will also send continuous screenshots while children are using these social sites so that parents can take security measure for their children.

WebWatcher is a complete package for the parents to monitor children’s online activities from anywhere. It simply establishes full control over children’s use of the internet. Besides, the company provides 24/7 customer supports.

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Pros and Cons of WebWatcher

  • Has a perfect recording score: email, chat, online searches and more
  • Includes many useful features for parental control software
  • Provides email, phone and live chat help support
  • Compatibles with Windows, Mac computers and Android devices
  • Price is higher than other parental control software reviewed

Features and scores of WebWatcher

Application Blocking
File Transfer Blocking
Gaming Content Filtering
Instant Message/Chat Blocking
Online Search Filtering
Profanity Masking
Social Network Blocking
Website Filtering & Blocking
Chat Recording
Email Recording
Online Searches Recording
Remote Reporting
Screenshot Playback Recording
Social Networking Recording
Usernames & Passwords Recording
Websites Visited Recording
Windows Compatibility
Mac OS Compatibility
iPhone (iOS) Compatibility
Android Compatibility

Learn more about WebWatcher on website.

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