Norton AntiVirus for Mac

Norton AntiVirus for Mac ensures 100% guarantee to ensure your security against Trojans, rootkits, spyware or any other malware. It has Standard, Deluxe, and Premium package and you can select one according to your need.

Cloud-Based Controls

You can ensure your data security during Cloud Computing. It will ensure your security protection if you use the internet from other devices such as smartphone or tablet. It also ensures the safety of the classified information such as Credit Card Number, Passwords, Bank Information, etc. Besides, you can manage such information easily using your Norton account.

Scan Feature

Norton AntiVirus for Mac extensively scans all documents after installation and will ensures 100% security. It identifies known and unknown malware through Emulator and will act before malware damage your Mac OSX. Both automatic and scheduled scan feature is available and it prevents online and offline threats. It critically analyzes email and attachments to ensure that there is not any malware. Its Multiple Patented Layers of protection detects malware accurately and more quickly. It prevents suspicious links, websites, attachments and stops access. Through SONAR Behavioral Protection, it monitors the behavior of the software and identifies suspicious one. With the help of the Bootable Recovery Tool, you can get your backup documents for your emergency use.


The technology of Norton AntiVirus for Mac is Intelligence-driven so it targets files or folder that are at risks. For that, it takes a shorter time to scan, does not impact on Mac performance. It also has the silent mood to avoid interruption during playing games or watching movies. Power saver settings enhance the life of the battery of the laptop.

Norton AntiVirus for Mac has got 24/7 effective customer support via call, live chatting or email through its skilled customer support team.

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Pros and Cons of Norton AntiVirus for Mac

  • Provides many useful features to protect your Mac. Features like firewall, scan of emails, scan of external drives and more
  • Includes the password protect file feature
  • Offers email, phone and live chat support 24/7
  • Low rate of malware detection
  • More expensive than the average software of same category

Features and scores of Norton AntiVirus for Mac

Malware Detection Rate 54.70%
Detects Windows Viruses
Parental Controls
Password Protect Files
Scans Attached iOS devices
Scans Email
Scans External Drives
Scans Messages
Phone Support
Live Chat Support

Learn more about Norton AntiVirus for Mac on website.

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