Intego Mac Internet Security

Intego Mac Internet Security includes a two-way own firewall to guard against interruptions along with threats. It defends the user from phishing frauds. It also identifies threats which are not dangerous for the Mac system but cause damage for the Windows PC to prevent Mac acting as a carrier.


Updated detection technology of Intego Mac Internet Security identifies each malware such as worms, viruses, Trojans, etc. and ensures full prove protection of the Mac OSX. In fact, this software continuously monitors software behavior, especially which are unusual to ensure real-time protection for the Mac. It also has scheduled scan option for scanning according to user’s demand. It starts automatic scan to the external drives when the devices are mounted.

Online Security

Intego Mac Internet Security ensures web browser security, blocks identified malicious websites, network protection, and secure shopping along with banking, control firewall, identification of PUA shield, and scans attachments of emails. It provides location-aware network protection and ensures 100% money back security guarantee service for Mac. Innovative Surf filters ensure protection from web threats like phishing, malicious sites and annoying ad banners. A user can also use the Cookie Filter for managing sites that allow send and receive cookies.


Its proprietary NetUpdate application ensures automatic and quick latest updates and virus definitions. Updates take less time which does not slow down the Mac system. It sends notifications and alerts for each action this software takes for security measure.

Monitoring Tools

Intego Mac Internet Security has a complete set of monitoring tools which monitor and supervise local network traffic. The result of monitoring can be viewed in different options such as dynamic bar charts or up to 12 activity gauges.

The company ensures 24/7 effective customer support worldwide instantly using the online platform and chat, email and phone call facilities are also available.

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Pros and Cons of Intego Mac Internet Security

  • Lower price than the average software of same category
  • Offers a good rate of malware detection
  • Includes many important features to protect your Mac
  • Can scan iOS devices plugged to your Mac
  • Uses more resources of your Mac when compared to software of same category
  • Does not scan emails and their content

Features and scores of Intego Mac Internet Security

Malware Detection Rate 98.30%
Detects Windows Viruses
Parental Controls
Password Protect Files
Scans Attached iOS devices
Scans Email
Scans External Drives
Scans Messages
Phone Support
Live Chat Support

Learn more about Intego Mac Internet Security on website.

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