G Data Antivirus for Mac

G Data Antivirus for Mac is a trusted product for overall internet security. It will keep your Mac secure against any malware. Besides, its Anti-Phishing protection prevents malware attacks and establishes secure your internet banking and online shopping.

Virus Scanning

This software uses parallel technologies and provides three scan options such as scan critical locations, a system scan and a custom scan of specified locations to scan virus. So, it identifies each malware such as worms, viruses, Trojans, etc. and ensures full protection of Mac OSX. It also ensures web browser security, blocks identified malicious websites, network protection, and block out the mail protection annoying spam and rely on filtered emails without dangerous phishing links.

Behavior Monitoring

G Data Antivirus for Mac continuously monitors software behavior, especially which are unusual. Autopilot option ensures trouble-free surfing and working against known and unknown malware during Cloud computing.

Exploit Protection

Secure your Mac with the exploit protection reliably against susceptibilities in programs installed from. It also ensures network protection without interrupting Mac performance. Besides, it can detect Windows viruses so that Mac cannot be a getaway for other Windows PCs.


Storage of the PC is important. This software uses a low resource of the PC without interrupting and slowing down the performance. Besides, it is easy to use, well organized and delivers world class security system against any types of malware.

Parental Control

G Data Antivirus for Mac ensures full control over the kid’s online activities. If your kid is browsing adult websites, using Facebook, playing some adult games or using stupid apps then you can block them easily and can ensure controlled internet surfing.

G Data Antivirus for Mac has some additional features such as a firewall or the Customized update feature to make life easier. You can install the software from https://www.gdatasoftware.com and can get 24/7/365 customer support.

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Pros and Cons of G Data Antivirus for Mac

  • Very good rate of malware detection
  • Uses an average amount of resources of your Mac when compared to software of same category
  • Provides 24/7 phone and email support
  • Does not include useful features to protect your Mac
  • Does not provide live chat support

Features and scores of G Data Antivirus for Mac

Malware Detection Rate 100%
Detects Windows Viruses
Parental Controls
Password Protect Files
Scans Attached iOS devices
Scans Email
Scans External Drives
Scans Messages
Phone Support
Live Chat Support

Learn more about G Data Antivirus for Mac on website.

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