ESET Cybersecurity for Mac

The Mac operating system became a target for Hackers. So, ensuring security against virus or malware became essential for Mac users. Considering such circumstances, ESET Cybersecurity for Mac ensures the cybersecurity for Mac OSX effectively through its advanced and comprehensive features.


The Antimalware feature of ESET is not only effective for Mac malware but also it prevents Windows malware. This software identifies each malware from the internet, emails along with email attachments, USB devices or from any other links. It also shields the user from spam and spyware. It also provides customer support.

Data Privacy

The Anti-Phishing feature is one of the effective feature of ESET Cybersecurity for Mac because it alerts the user about the websites and links known to trick individuals into revealing sensitive data or classified information such as passwords, Credit Card Information, Bank Account Number, Family information, Official data, etc. Mac owners keep their information in the internal security mechanisms of Mac. So, if hackers able to break the defense system of Mac then the users’ information is at risk. ESET Cybersecurity for Mac simply ensures protection for such risks.

Firewall Protection

A firewall can block hateful network attacks and prevent malware or viruses from cooperating with the outside world. ESET Cybersecurity has in-built a Firewall tool which enables the users to control data connections between the user’s computer and other computers along with sharing apps or data on the same network on the Mac. The user can block IP addresses, port numbers, specific services, or domain names to ensure security.

Parental Control

With the help of this software, you can control the kid’s online activity. If your kid is browsing adult websites, chatting a long time with unknown people, using Facebook, playing some adult games or using stupid apps then stay cool because you can block up to 20 different categories of Web content and can choose pre-defined profiles for kids, teenager or parent. Moreover, one can view activity logs.

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Pros and Cons of ESET Cybersecurity for Mac

  • Good rate of malware detection, above 99%
  • Uses fewer resources on your Mac when compared to software of same category
  • Includes antispam email protection
  • Includes many important features to protection your Mac
  • Does not include live chat support
  • Lack of useful features like antispam and the scan of plugged iOS devices

Features and scores of ESET Cybersecurity for Mac

Malware Detection Rate 99.10%
Detects Windows Viruses
Parental Controls
Password Protect Files
Scans Attached iOS devices
Scans Email
Scans External Drives
Scans Messages
Phone Support
Live Chat Support

Learn more about ESET Cybersecurity for Mac on website.

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