eScan Internet Security Suite

eScan Internet Security Suite is a complete package to ensure security against emerging along with existing objectionable content and emerging threats, viruses or cybercriminals. It establishes Cloud Security through scans.

Real Time Malware Protection

Using updated cloud technology, this Internet Security Suite identifies known and unknown security threats or malwares. It does not wait for updates because it monitors malware behavior, identify and take necessary preventive measure.

Data Security

After installation, eScan Internet Security Suite starts scan stored files and folders and ensure protection from malware. It prevent malware attacks and secured data stored in the files and folders. It also protects password and other classified information from keyloggers using the ON-Screen Virtual Keyboard.

Spam e-mail

If you receive an e-mail then first this software will scan the e-mail along with attached documents. Using its Anti-Scan option, it search every single spam e-mail and filters out unwanted emails and attached files.

On-Demand Scanning

Beside, regular scanning, you can scan any type of stored documents stored in the PC or devices according to your need using On-Demand Scanning option.

Parental Control

It will give you full control over the kid’s online activities. If your kid is browsing adult websites, chatting long time with unknown people, using Facebook, playing some adult games or using stupid apps then you can block them easily using this software.


eScan Internet Security Suite always scans incoming and outgoing network traffic to ensure protection against network attacks.

This Internet Security Suite is easy to install and very user friendly. It can be downloaded from It takes automatic updates after installation to ensure updated security service and secured protection for you. Moreover, the company ensure 24/7 customer support through live chat, phone call or email for eScan Internet Security Suite.

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Pros and Cons of eScan Internet Security Suite

  • Price is lower than average software of same category
  • Has a perfect protection and usability rate of 100%
  • Offers many useful features like parental controls, password manager and online backup
  • Provides telephone, chat and email help support
  • Has a repair rate of 58%

Features and scores of eScan Internet Security Suite

Protection 100%
Repair 58%
Usability 100%
Bootable Rescue CD
File Shredder
Game Mode
Instant Messaging Protection
Mail Protection
Online Backup
Parental Controls
Password Manager
Safe Browsing
Social Network Protection
Virtual Keyboard
Chat Support
Email Support
Windows Support
Mac Support
iOs Support
Android Support

Learn more about eScan Internet Security Suite on website.

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