Kaspersky Internet Security vs Trend Micro Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security and Trend Micro Internet Security are two good software in the category of the internet security suite. Both software have a protection rate of 100% and a usability score of 100%. The difference comes from the repair rate. Kaspersky Internet Security have a repair rate of 100% while Trend Micro Internet Security have one of 83%.

Both software come with many useful features like an antimalware, an antiphishing and antispyware recognition. If you compare with all the features, Kaspersky Internet Security comes with some features that are not available with Trend Micro Internet Security. For example, Kaspersky Internet Security comes with a game mode and a virtual keyboard. Both of those features are not the most popular ones in an internet security suite software so I might not make a lot of difference in your choice.

The two software could include more useful features like a password manager or a file shredder. Also, both software price is above the average if you compare with all software from the internet security suite category.

The winner is Kaspersky Internet Security for having a better repair rate than Trend Micro Internet Security. Also, the software from Kaspersky offers more features.

Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Perfect rate of protection, repair and usability
  • Offers many useful features including password parental controls and firewall
  • Provides telephone, chat and email help support
  • Price is higher than the average software of same category
  • Does not include features like password manager and file shredder

Trend Micro Internet Security

  • Has a perfect rate of protection and usability
  • Offers telephone and chat help support
  • Provides some useful features like firewall and social network protection
  • Price is higher than the average software of same category
  • Does not include some useful features that other software in the same category offer
  • Has an average rate of repair when compared with software of same category
Kaspersky Internet Security Trend Micro Internet Security
Protection 100% 100%
Repair 100% 83%
Usability 100% 100%
Bootable Rescue CD
File Shredder
Game Mode
Instant Messaging Protection
Mail Protection
Online Backup
Parental Controls
Password Manager
Safe Browsing
Social Network Protection
Virtual Keyboard
Chat Support
Email Support
Windows Support
Mac Support
iOs Support
Android Support
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