G Data Internet Security vs Kaspersky Internet Security

These two internet security software are really good, they also have very similar features. Both software have a perfect rate of protection and usability but only Kaspersky Internet Security got a perfect score at repairing the problems discovered by the software.

Both software have some features that the other one does not have. For example G Data Internet Security does not offer the Game Mode feature which might not be a problem if you do not play video games on your computer. On the other side G data Internet Security has a file shredder. This can be useful to completely delete files from your hard drive. As you may know, deleting a file then emptying the recycle bin does not remove your file completely from your computer. In this case a file shredder would be useful. Both G Data Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security do not include a password manager. Everybody should use a password manager nowadays so if it’s not included in your internet security software, you should download one as soon as possible.

For the price, Kaspersky Internet Security is more expensive than G Data Internet Security but as we said above, the Kaspersky software has a perfect rate of repair. If you still can’t decide between the two software, here’s what we think: if money is not a problem, go for Kaspersky Internet Security, if you prefer a cheaper option go for G Data Internet Security.

At the moment of writing this review, G Data Internet Security was $39 USD while Kaspersky Internet Security was $49. Note that prices change often, you can click on the “Buy the software” button at the bottom so you can learn more about these two great software and view their latest price.

G Data Internet Security

  • Perfect rate of protection against virus and other online threats
  • Includes some useful features like a file shredder, online backup and parental controls
  • Offers telephone and email help support
  • Lower price than average software of same category
  • Lower rate of repair than the average software of same category
  • Does not include chat support

Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Perfect rate of protection, repair and usability
  • Offers many useful features including password parental controls and firewall
  • Provides telephone, chat and email help support
  • Price is higher than the average software of same category
  • Does not include features like password manager and file shredder
G Data Internet Security Kaspersky Internet Security
Protection 100% 100%
Repair 75% 100%
Usability 100% 100%
Bootable Rescue CD
File Shredder
Game Mode
Instant Messaging Protection
Mail Protection
Online Backup
Parental Controls
Password Manager
Safe Browsing
Social Network Protection
Virtual Keyboard
Chat Support
Email Support
Windows Support
Mac Support
iOs Support
Android Support
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