Avira Antivirus Pro vs Panda Antivirus Pro

The comparative review is coming. In the meantime, you can scroll down to see the comparative table.

Avira Antivirus Pro

  • Perfect rate of protection and usability
  • Includes many useful features for antivirus software
  • Offers email and phone help support
  • Price higher than the average software of same category

Panda Antivirus Pro

  • Lower price than the average software of same category
  • Has perfect rate of protection and usability
  • Provides email, phone and live chat help support
  • Does not include an email scanning feature like all other software reviewed
  • Offers a password manager in option ($)
Avira Antivirus Pro Panda Antivirus Pro
Windows 10 Support
Protection 100% 100%
Performance 83% 83%
Usability 100% 100%
Ease of Scanning 67% 75%
Resource Use 90% 93%
First Quick Scan (minutes) 0.5 8
Average Full Scan (minutes) 63 57
Number of Devices Protected 1 1
Autoscans USB
Scans Incoming Email
Gamer Mode
Bootable Rescue CD
Password Manager
Email Support
Phone Support
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